Drugs or medicines are very effective in curing a lot of diseases. These are given in fixed dosage to people by the doctors to make them work normally. As much as the drugs are effective they can be dangerous at times too. They become a threat when they overdose or if some drug is showing a lot of side effects when used. Elmiron is one of the most controversial drugs currently.

What is Elmiron?

It is a medicine or a drug also called pentosane polysulfate sodium or PPS. It is an intestinal drug. Its main function is to cure and remove the pain in the intestines when there is intestinal cystitis. It also removes bladder pain.

Elmiron works in a way that creates a thin layer, a protective layer that forms itself around the intestines and the bladder saving them from the harmful substances that can hurt them. It is typically recommended to women but men can use it too.

Why is there a lawsuit against Elmiron?

Drugs as we know are used for curing diseases and discomforts and can have slight side-effects sometimes. But, Elmiron was showing more side-effects than it was curing, Following are some of the reasons a lawsuit was filed against:

  • It caused severe hair-loss In some people that made them lose all their hair
  • Nausea and severe headache
  • Abnormal liver and swelling
  • Stomach problems and very excessive weight gain

These were not that severe and can be caused by other drugs as well. The thing that resulted in Elmiron lawsuit is that in some people it showed signs of loss of sight and then eventually blindness, this was a very alarming situation and asked for quick action on things, therefore, a lawsuit was filed.

Maculopathy with respect to Elmiron

The biggest problem that made the lawsuit possible was the symptoms of maculopathy in many people. This was the most reported side-effect of the drug. In Maculopathy the retina of the eye gets damaged due to which the eye has difficulty in focusing and if not treated or operated the eye loses its proper functioning completely making the person go completely blind.

Elmiron lawsuit 

Elmiron lawsuit was filed on July 29, 2020. It states that people who have been using Elmiron long term are showing signs of problems in their eyes sights and some have even faced total blindness, while most of them are women as it is mostly recommended to them.

It is encouraged by the lawsuit that if you have or someone you know has experienced such issues while using Elmiron long-term that you report the issue. If your case is valid you can also enter the lawsuit by hiring a lawyer and you will be given complete compensation of your issue and will be treated.

But if you want to file a lawsuit case win it, you need to have a good lawyer with expertise in bad drugs only then you can win the case and save your money for yourself operated and get compensated by the drug-making company.