The use of marijuana dates back thousands of years back. Early archaeologists discovered devices used to burn psychoactive cannabis over 2,500 years ago in China. However, the legalization in some states has led to its widespread use. You can now get different cannabis products from most accredited sites. You can also smoke, vape or eat the products, and all produce different effects on your body.

What are the different ways of consuming cannabis?

  1. Oral ingestion

 You’ll get marijuana in the form of edibles and other food products. The Star Buds Aurora Dispensary Colorado stocks different edibles; you can use them on their own or mix them with food. These are brownies, cookies, cakes, chocolate bars, and oils that you can use for baking or cooking. 

Moreover, you can use the products orally or ingest them as capsules. Other types of edibles are infused drinks like sodas, teas and beer. Ingesting is less harmful than smoking, but the onset of the effects take longer than smoking. This can lead to regular overdoses among users.

  1. Smoking

Smoking is a popular way of using marijuana. You can roll it into a cigar or use a pipe, bong or blunt. Most weed users prefer this method due to its faster effects. Besides, you’ll experience a high feeling immediately after smoking.  

However, weed smoke is carcinogenic, and there are various ongoing studies on its effects on your lungs and respiratory system. The method of smoking weed involves retaining the smoke in your lungs for a long duration than other smoked products. It’s purported that smoking weed can be dangerous than smoking cigarettes. 

  1. Vaping

Most people prefer vaporization due to the associated discretion. Vaping uses vape devices, and the procedure involves heating cannabis and inhaling the vapor than the smoke. Vaporizers are small and easy to use and conceal and are available in most weed Dispensaries. They also generate less smoke and offer a better high.

  1. Tinctures

These are liquids extracted from the cannabis plant. Tinctures are infused with alcohol and water and administered sublingually. The product is easily absorbed into your bloodstream, and the effects are quick. Tinctures are highly potent and are commonly used for medical purposes due to their intense high. They are also often abused due to this characteristic.

  1. 5Sprays

Sprays are relatively new in the market. They involve infusing THC liquids that you can spray under your tongue. They are common among medical cannabis users who prefer not to smoke due to the effects. However, some people use sprays alongside smoking. They are not easy to recognize and are abused in places that haven’t legalized the use of marijuana.

  1. Topicals

These are oils extracts derived from marijuana plants. They are thicker than oils used as edibles in cooking or baking. To use topical oils, you smear them on your skin, and they are absorbed to relieve soreness, pain and inflammation. They don’t offer any high and are ideal for medical purposes.

A quick wrap up

There are different methods of consuming marijuana. All have pros and cons, and it’s best to choose a mode that won’t hurt your health. The quality of products also matters. Therefore, only order from legitimate dispensaries to ensure quality and proper dosage.