With the recent occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic and the hefty cost of tests, check-ups and hospitalisation expenses, having health insurance in India becomes imperative. Let’s check out the reasons for buying Health insurance in India for the global pandemic.

Considering the rampant spread of COVID-19 and recent lockdown to control the pandemic, people are suffering immensely world over. People are not only facing the risk of being affected by the disease but many are even facing shortage of funds to deal with the treatment cost. But with a health insurance plan, both these situations can be efficiently dealt.

Should you buy a COVID-19 Insurance?

If you already have a basic health insurance plan, then purchasing separate insurance is not required. All basic indemnity plans cover the expenses of the treatments for COVID-19. Insurance providers like HDFC Ergo cover hospitalisation cost for Coronavirus under all their health insurance plans.

Benefits of having COVID-19 health insurance:

  1. It covers all the costs incurred for the treatment.

As we know that the hospitalisation expenses and the confirmatory test costs for COVID-19 are huge. There isn’t any cure yet but still, the period of staying in quarantine and the constant medication makes the expenses rise exponentially. Dealing with the disease and managing the funds for treating the virus becomes even more difficult. Having health insurance in India during these times can help the patients have the peace of mind knowing their insurance company will take care of the treatment expenses.

  1. Covers pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses

These health insurance plans cover all expenses incurred from pre-hospitalisation to post-hospitalisation. These include the cost of tests, diagnosis, consultation charges and quarantine related expenses and also any costs incurred while the confirmatory test for COVID-19.

  1. Get a plan for your family and parents

With the rising number of Covid-19 cases, you can buy a plan for your family and your parents in case they do not have a basic health plan. They coronavirus plans have a waiting period from 16 days to 1 month after which the plans will be activated.

  1. Easy claim process

The claim process in case of Coronavirus health insurance is quick and instant, just a few documents need to be submitted, and the expenses of the treatment are taken care. So at the time of real stress of dealing with the disease, one need not focus on the costs. In a few cases, you get the total amount in cash as soon as the person is detected positive with Coronavirus, without getting hospitalised.

One can use this money for out-of-pocket expenses and medication in case you of self-isolation and also for household expenses during this time.

  1. Comparatively low premium

The assured sum in case of coronavirus insurance plans are low, and this also makes the premium amount low. Few companies in collaboration with brands are giving out the coronavirus health insurance, which makes the premium amount even low.

As you find that there are a few compelling reasons for which you can have health insurance plans or go for a coronavirus insurance plan. Best would be to start with a health insurance plan that would cover treatment for Coronavirus as well as any other disease at any time point of time.