According to figures disclosed by Worldometer, currently there are more than 6,000 daily cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) being reported in the country. And, in a span of four months, there have been approximately 4,337 deaths in the country as per the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Seeing this, we can understand why panic is spreading throughout the country. Fake news and message forwards do not help improve the situation either.

You must find ways to cope and keep your peace of mind during this pandemic. Purchasing the right Coronavirus health insurance policy can grant you a great deal of solace. You should also refrain from spreading and believing in some myths surrounding the disease.

Below is a list of some popular COVID-19 myths, and truths to counter them.

  1. Cold kills Coronavirus

The normal human body temperature, which is around 37 degrees C, does not depend on the temperature of the environment. So, there is no reason for cold weather to have any impact on Coronavirus.

A similar myth is that the virus cannot survive in hot and humid weather. This is not true—the virus can spread to such regions. This has been confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Whether you live in a hot or cold area, it is always a good idea to buy health insurance for Coronavirus.

  1. Vitamin C can help

It is commonly believed that people who take vitamin C supplements are protected from Coronavirus. However, no research has shown proof that Vitamin C can affect COVID-19.

  1. Kids cannot be affected

It is true that, initially, more adults were affected by Coronavirus than children. However, studies have shown that children are equally susceptible to the disease.

  1. A vaccine has been invented

This is one of the most common myths that is now creating a buzz. There is no confirmed news of any Coronavirus vaccine as of now. Even if it is discovered in the near future, it will take some time before the vaccine can be rolled out for human use.

  1. Mosquitos can spread Coronavirus

This myth is founded on the fact that mosquitos can spread various kinds of diseases. However, Coronavirus is not one of them. This virus spreads only when an infected person sneezes or coughs, or through contact with an infected person.

Importance of a health insurance plan

Having a COVID-19 health insurance plan is one of the most effective ways to remain calm in these days of panic and uncertainty. So far, as per the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare over 64,000 people in India have recovered from the disease. So, you can be sure that the right treatment will effectively cure you.

To protect yourself against high treatment costs, invest in a mediclaim policy with COVID-19 cover today.