Slips and falls can happen to anyone and at any time. The injuries incurred from slips and falls range from jarred muscles, broken bones, and more. Most of the invisible wounds may seem minor but can turn out to be fatal later on. What’s more? How you treat a slip and fall accident is an essential factor for recovery and compensation by the party responsible. Besides, slip and fall accidents are sensitive legal cases. And require the expertise of a personal accident attorney.

What to do after a slip and fall accident

After a slip and fall accident, you can hire a slip and fall attorney Atlanta, file a lawsuit, and get compensation for your damages. However, the process begins by seeking medical attention for any injuries incurred. It’s advisable to consult a medical practitioner immediately, and the reasons are apparent. These are;

Visible injuries

After the accident, seek prompt medical attention. The doctor will examine you and prescribe proper medications depending on the injuries. The common visible injuries may include broken ribs, scratches, cuts, and more.

Unknown injuries

Slip, and falls can result in various types of injuries. These may include head trauma and musculoskeletal damage, which may appear days or months after the accident. Without medical examination and proper diagnosis, this may turn out to be fatal later on. 

Proper documentation

Seeking medical help also assists you in getting proof for injures. You can use the medical report to file a lawsuit and get the right settlement for your damages. Claiming that you incurred injuries without evidence isn’t enough. 

Any personal accident will require a medical report to argue your case in court and negotiate with insurance firms for compensation. Therefore, keep all documents from the doctor’s office and other pieces of evidence from the accident scene safely.

What other information do you require?

Property owners should maintain their buildings in safe conditions for all. If there are faulty conditions that resulted in the slip, you can hold the property owner responsible. Moreover, with an experienced lawyer, you can get compensation for the injuries incurred.

 Here are the steps to take;

Get an accident report– If the accident happens in a store, ask the manager to file an accident report. You’ll need it as evidence to prove that you incurred injuries from the incident. So, get a copy of the statement before leaving the building o location.

Photos– Take clear images from the accident scene. The images should show the bruises, scrapes, cuts, and any bloodstains on your clothes or shoes.

Witnesses– Witnesses play a critical role in an accident. They will come in handy during the court process, and you should get a few from the scene of the accident. Obtain their names, addresses, phone contacts. They should also be willing to testify if the case goes to court.

Item responsible for the accident- Hold the item that caused the accident and take images. If you slipped on a banana peel at a grocery store, take photos and put the fruit in a plastic bag. Freeze it and keep it safely; you may need it later on.

 What are your legal options after the accident?

You can decide to follow the court process or settle the case outside court. This is cheaper, and the attorney will help negotiate an out-of-court settlement. If you go for this option, your attorney should determine who’s at fault based on the available facts. 

If you can’t prove this or the defendant refuses to settle, file a court compensation claim. The idea here is, the accident attorney should verify that the defendant was negligent, and this directly resulted in the victim’s injury.

Final thoughts

Slips and falls can cause serious injuries and require prompt medical attention. After treatment, get a detailed medical report, and contact an accident attorney immediately. They will help you gather adequate evidence and ascertain your eligibility for a compensation claim.